Thursday, 6 October 2011

Veve Dream Girl Danni Johnson

We are excited to share our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Danni Johnson. She was happy to answer some questions about herself and being a Veve Dream Girl. 

How old are you? 21
Where did you grow up? Brisbane
Do you have brothers and sisters or are you an only child? I have an older sister – she's 6 years older than I am.
When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? I knew I'd be taking on the world. I wanted to be a doctor, an actress, prime minister, an architect – all at the same time! - I wanted to do as much, and be as much as I could.
As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like? Even as a little girl, I looked up to strong, determined, impressive women. My mum was always a hard worker, managing a full-time job and a full-time family. I used to sit and watch Oprah thinking she was so smart and amazing – I'd run back and give my parents a full debrief of what Oprah was saying this week about household budgets!
Who inspires you now, and why? I'm still inspired by the same strong and determined women. The kind of women who have no limits, because they put none on themselves. Women who are philanthropists, mothers, business-women, entrepreneurs, academics and just down-right gorgeous women, and who can juggle it all at the same time with a smile on their faces.
Do you have another job besides modeling? Outside of modeling, I'm undertaking a Bachelor of Accounting and I've just taken on an advanced diploma of special event planning and design.
Why and how did you get started in modeling? My first modeling gig was at age 11 for a Williams Shoes – Back to School Campaign! I always loved being in front of the camera as a kid, but went through a huge shy phase in high school, and gave modeling a rest for a few years. This will sound so cliched, but I got back into modelling after the 2009/2010 Veve Bali Campaign. I thought Amanda Klassen was so amazing and gorgeous on the beach's of Bali – I became an instant Veve devotee and have been aiming high for my modelling dreams since.
What 5 words best describe your personality? Down-to-earth (that's 1 word!), determined, loving, generous, strong.

Being a Veve Dream Girl
Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition? Dream Big! Aim Big! Becoming the Face of Veve was my ultimate dream. There's something so magical about the Veve brand, I've never felt anything like it. Veve Glamour Swimwear truly empowers women to shine and be the beautiful goddesses they are. I knew I was truly passionate about being the face of such an amazing beacon, and I wasn't going to stop until I was!
What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you? I had to pinch myself just now, reading that question. 'What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you?' First and foremost it means that there's a little voice inside me that screams “yay!”. Secondly, it makes me proud – proud of myself for how far my own determination and hard work have carried me – and it empowers me to keep on dreaming on, because it's proof that anything really is possible. Most of all, it's given me an amazing opportunity to be in touch with all of Veve Glamour Swimwear's dream girls, – it's customers – to learn about their dreams and ambitions, share on each others' journeys and hopefully be an  inspiration and help to others where I can. It'd be so lovely to think that this year's Veve Campaign has inspired the next generation of Dream Girls to aspire towards greatness, just as Amanda's campaign did for me. 
What collection describes your personality best?
Day Dream – glamorous, sparkly, classy
Wild at Heart – exotic, seductive and ???
Summer Daze – Girly, fun and bubbly
I'd love to say Wild at Heart – exotic and seductive – I think I pulled it off  behind the camera at least, but I'd have to admit that behind the scenes I'm definitely much more of a Summer Daze girl – bubbly, fun, (a little bit silly) and a whole lot of girly. In fact, Veve nailed my personality to a Tee with the 'Danni' bikini. But that's what I love about this year's collections, there's a little bit of something to represent however your inner goddess is feeling - whether it's exotic, bright or sparkly – and isn't it our prerogative as strong, sexy women to keep them guessing!?
What do you love about Veve? Veve is so much more than amazing swimwear! Veve is a culture all of it's own. A culture for strong, empowered, sexy, beautiful dream girls who believe in the power of their own ambition. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment from a swimwear label.
How do you feel when you wear Veve? Always like a stand-out! You can't NOT be happy in Veve Swimwear! Go on, try, I dare you! I've built up quite a collection over the last three years, and whenever I wear my Veve's, I know I'm shining from the inside because I FEEL beautiful. I feel confident, happy and ready to take on the world (or the beach!)
Where do you wear you Veve’s? The beach, the pool – I'm headed to the Bahamas in December and can't wait to show them off there too! I find myself looking for excuses to wear them! My birthday is coming up.. maybe I should make it a pool party..

Its been so great sharing these ladies stories, we hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have. Coming soon will be Becky Lamb's interview.

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