Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Love Your Life

Any time is a great time to make improvements to your life, however I believe that at the beginning of the year is the perfect time. Make the decision RIGHT NOW. Create your perfect life.
Because it is so much fun, so rewarding and you will feel AMAZING!
I would like to share a few of my favorite tools that I use to Love my Life.
·         Learn
Audio books are my favorite choice for learning, I download audio books from iTunes and listen to them when I am driving or exercising. I make a point to listen to some everyday. Some of my favorites that I have on my iPod are:
Ø  The Power by Rhonda Byrne
Ø  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Ø  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Rulz
Ø  The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann
Ø  The Magic of thinking Big by David J Schwartz
Ø  Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson

·         Goals- I set goals for four areas in my life
Ø  Me
Ø  Family and Friends
Ø  Business /Work
Ø  Finance
This is a quick 4 step guide on setting goals that I use:
1.       Get Clarity:  Describe in a few short sentences where you are in that specific area of your life.
2.       Create an inspiring future:  Decide where it is you are absolutely committed to being in 12 months time in each area.  When doing this it's good to keep in mind that most people over estimate what they can do in a year but they under estimate what they can do in 5 - 10 years.
3.       Act on emotion:  What is your emotion?  List how you would feel if you achieved and accomplished all that you had set out to do in that year.  The more emotional reason you can list, the more you will be pulled in that direction of achieving your goals.  The reason for this is that we only ever take actions based on emotional reasons.  The bigger the emotional link with your goal, the easier it is to take action towards it and achieve what you want.
4.       Take one step at a time:  Breaking down what you want to achieve to one simple action step at a time.  In this process, create some small action steps to help you along the way to achieving your outcomes.  The one small action step you take each day or week may be the one you need to keep on track and to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

YE Club: I belong to the Young Entrepreneurs Club, this group helps me to achieve my goals.
The Young Entrepreneurs Club is a social network of individuals who strive to be the best in their chosen field of occupation and who are committed to growth and improvement in all areas of life, especially entrepreneurship. www.theyeclub.com

Vanessa’s 11 tips for Happiness
1.       Don’t take anything personally, don’t get upset by anything anyone says or does to you. It actually has nothing to do with you- it’s about them.
2.       Don’t make assumptions.
3.       The law of attraction- what you think about is what you attract. Think positive and feel great to attract great things in your life.
4.       Exercise – I brought a treadmill recently, so I can exercise in the morning when the children are asleep. I listen to audio books and then music while I am exercising. I LOVE it!
5.       Create your day- at the beginning of the day imagine and visualize how you would like your day to go.
6.       Gratitude- Keep a gratitude journal and write at the end of each day what you are grateful for, even if you are feeling low at any point in the day, start listing in your head or on paper all things you love and are grateful for in your life. You will instantly lift your mood.
7.       Music- Listen to music that makes you feel great. Sing and dance.
8.       Smile- You will feel happy when you smile and you will look beautiful.
9.       Contribute to the happiness of others. Compliment people.  Tell them what you love about them. It will make their day therefore making yours.
10.   Party- Celebrate life everyday.
11.   Eating healthy – I have made this a gradual thing. I started cutting down on carbs, adding more vegetables and introduced green tea into my diet. I love iced green tea. Just put a tea bag in a glass of water with ice, you can add lemon and herbs if you want.  Then after 6 months I cut out gluten and added more protein.  I found changing my diet gradually has been easy.

Best wishes for 2012. Love your life

         Veve x