Thursday, 17 May 2012

Veve Swimwear photo-shoot with Crystal Harris

Hi Veve blog fans and followers,

It has been very busy at the Veve headquarters over the past few months, with the new Dress line being launched, the Shine by the Sea Collection, the Launch of the Veve Dream Girl model search and now the exciting announcement that Playboy playmate Crystal Harris has co-designed a swimwear line with me!

On Monday 14th May 2012, I had the pleasure of flying to Sydney, Australia for the Veve Swimwear photo-shoot with Crystal Harris. The 5 hour photo-shoot was so much fun, Photographer Glen Bowden got some amazing images of Crystal and her hair and make-up looked beautiful courtesy of Mia Connor from the Makeupbar.

Upon meeting Crystal, she was really down to earth and natural but still had the flare and fun personality that you would expect from a Playboy Bunny. Since arriving home from the photo-shoot I have had some un-named playboy playmates contact me with some more exciting news to come.

Now it’s straight back into preparations and planning for 2012/13 Collection’s and Veve photo-shoot in June with Dream Girls Renee Somerfield, Becky Lamb, Ellie Gonsalves, DanniJohnson and the winner of this year’s Veve Dream Girl Search.

The “Crystal” Collection will be available to purchase on the Veve website in June 2012.

With Love,

Vanessa Bryce xx

Veve x

“You have the potential for greatness… Never give up”

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I am making it my purpose to live my ideal life and enjoy the journey of creating it.

I believe that we create our own life by our thoughts and our feelings, so if I personally can create my life, then why not create it to be exactly the life that I would love to live.

To create YOUR ideal life, you need to know exactly what that life is. I have written down my ideal life. Some of the things I have included are:

What person do I want to be.

What do I want to do in my life

And what do I want to have in my life.

Let your imagination run wild.

Watch this video. It is also a great tool to help you write your ideal life. These are questions you can ask yourself to help create your ideal life. Write it all down.Writing makes your thinking visable.You can change it or add to it whenever you want.

Thank you to Brian Swan and The Unstoppable Family for the video.

The next thing that you need to do, is get excited and believe that anything is possible if you believe it. Visualise or imagine yourself living your perfect life often. Especially first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

There are many tools that you can use to help you achieve your ideal life. I will be posting some of the tools, inspirations and motivations that I use to keep me on track and loving every minute of my life through my blogs and the “Love seat”.

This is the start to the life that you deserve. It is not about being perfect, it is about living the life that makes you feel alive and excited every single day.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Love Your Life

Any time is a great time to make improvements to your life, however I believe that at the beginning of the year is the perfect time. Make the decision RIGHT NOW. Create your perfect life.
Because it is so much fun, so rewarding and you will feel AMAZING!
I would like to share a few of my favorite tools that I use to Love my Life.
·         Learn
Audio books are my favorite choice for learning, I download audio books from iTunes and listen to them when I am driving or exercising. I make a point to listen to some everyday. Some of my favorites that I have on my iPod are:
Ø  The Power by Rhonda Byrne
Ø  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
Ø  The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Rulz
Ø  The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann
Ø  The Magic of thinking Big by David J Schwartz
Ø  Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson

·         Goals- I set goals for four areas in my life
Ø  Me
Ø  Family and Friends
Ø  Business /Work
Ø  Finance
This is a quick 4 step guide on setting goals that I use:
1.       Get Clarity:  Describe in a few short sentences where you are in that specific area of your life.
2.       Create an inspiring future:  Decide where it is you are absolutely committed to being in 12 months time in each area.  When doing this it's good to keep in mind that most people over estimate what they can do in a year but they under estimate what they can do in 5 - 10 years.
3.       Act on emotion:  What is your emotion?  List how you would feel if you achieved and accomplished all that you had set out to do in that year.  The more emotional reason you can list, the more you will be pulled in that direction of achieving your goals.  The reason for this is that we only ever take actions based on emotional reasons.  The bigger the emotional link with your goal, the easier it is to take action towards it and achieve what you want.
4.       Take one step at a time:  Breaking down what you want to achieve to one simple action step at a time.  In this process, create some small action steps to help you along the way to achieving your outcomes.  The one small action step you take each day or week may be the one you need to keep on track and to ensure your outcomes are achieved.

YE Club: I belong to the Young Entrepreneurs Club, this group helps me to achieve my goals.
The Young Entrepreneurs Club is a social network of individuals who strive to be the best in their chosen field of occupation and who are committed to growth and improvement in all areas of life, especially entrepreneurship.

Vanessa’s 11 tips for Happiness
1.       Don’t take anything personally, don’t get upset by anything anyone says or does to you. It actually has nothing to do with you- it’s about them.
2.       Don’t make assumptions.
3.       The law of attraction- what you think about is what you attract. Think positive and feel great to attract great things in your life.
4.       Exercise – I brought a treadmill recently, so I can exercise in the morning when the children are asleep. I listen to audio books and then music while I am exercising. I LOVE it!
5.       Create your day- at the beginning of the day imagine and visualize how you would like your day to go.
6.       Gratitude- Keep a gratitude journal and write at the end of each day what you are grateful for, even if you are feeling low at any point in the day, start listing in your head or on paper all things you love and are grateful for in your life. You will instantly lift your mood.
7.       Music- Listen to music that makes you feel great. Sing and dance.
8.       Smile- You will feel happy when you smile and you will look beautiful.
9.       Contribute to the happiness of others. Compliment people.  Tell them what you love about them. It will make their day therefore making yours.
10.   Party- Celebrate life everyday.
11.   Eating healthy – I have made this a gradual thing. I started cutting down on carbs, adding more vegetables and introduced green tea into my diet. I love iced green tea. Just put a tea bag in a glass of water with ice, you can add lemon and herbs if you want.  Then after 6 months I cut out gluten and added more protein.  I found changing my diet gradually has been easy.

Best wishes for 2012. Love your life

         Veve x

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Veve Dream Girl Becky Lamb

We are excited to be able to share with you our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Becky Lamb
She was happy to answer questions about herself and about being a Veve Dream Girl.

How old are you? 23 years young!
Where did you grow up? I was born in Newcastle, and grew up in a beachside town called Anna Bay. It’s next door to Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.
Do you have brothers and sisters or are you an only child?  I have one awesome older brother, Andrew, three years older than me. Legend!
When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? I always wanted to be the typical ‘police officer’ when I was really young, but then when I became older and started to play with Duplo & Lego, I found I really loved houses and construction. I would sit for hours on end playing with my lego friends and building them houses and making them have adventures ect. I used to cut out the architectural drawings from the front of the Newspaper every week and study the features of the house, which developed my love and appreciation for architecture and buildings. Then in high school, I discovered Design and Technology class was my favorite as I was really good with my hands and being precise with measurements and detail and I began to really love working with the materials and having my creations come to life. Later in school, I was the top Technics student in my class of all boys, excluding me and another girlfriend, and graduated in the top 5% in the state in my D&T major project in my final year. When it came time to choosing my degree to study, I couldn’t go past Construction Management – It just seemed to fit me to a tee, and here I am today! Still studying and living my dreams. Modeling was never in my sights, it was rather sprung upon me, starting with modeling competitions. Things just grew and grew and before I knew it, I was a full time University student and Model, and part-time Fire Fighter! Crazy!
As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like? I’ve never really looked up to anyone to be honest, I’ve always known what I wanted to be: a strong, independent, humble and successful yet gracious woman, which I still aim for. I’m still workin’ on my craft ;)
Who inspires you now, and why?  Anyone, anything – everything! A lot of people and things inspire me. Someone who has created something from nothing, and still has a knack to be humble and meek about themselves and to others. People who respect others for no reason, and who can face challenges with comfort and grace. Successful people with a good head on their shoulders and good attitude – These are the people who inspire me to be a better person, and to appreciate everything in life.
Do you have another job besides modeling? I am full time at University in my Final year of a Bachelor of Construction Management, and love it! Also, I am a part-time Fire Fighter with Fire and Rescue New South Wales, and have been for almost 2 years. I can quite honestly say, it IS the BEST job in the world. I love going to work, even at 2am.  Also working on a few other things at the moment, this pony has a few tricks up her sleeve! ;)

Why and how did you get started in modeling?  I started in Modeling competitions, back in 2007, thanks to my mate Jodi – She had to throw me on stage! Since then I’ve won a fair few competitions, (I think I have over 30 sashes at home,) and with most competitions, there were photoshoots won as a prize, so I obviously I tried my luck at them and can’t have done that bad I guess! The shoots lead me to agencies, which lead me to jobs, and to my website, facebook and twitter from which I get 90% of my work. So, one thing lead to another, and now I am making the best of it and really loving it. I can honestly say I’m in the best place I have ever been, and I am really enjoying it!
What 5 words best describe your personality? Determined, Loyal, Loving, Honest, Real.

Being a Veve Dream Girl
Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition?  Veve is a brand I have been familliar with and have LOVED for years; Amanda was my idol for a long time!  I entered because I didn’t last year, and always regretted it, so I thought I would have a go this year. Also, not entering last year game me time to work on myself and my image and brand to be strong enough to carry an ambassador role through the year, so I wanted to make sure I was the right candidate and knowing I was in myself, rather than ‘having a go’ and not really wanting it as badly as I did.
What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you? Being a Veve Dream Girl is not just about being beautiful on the outside, but having a strong mind, body and spirit to be able to show that its not just on the outside that counts, its on the inside, too. Being a part of a team such as Veve, really makes you appreciate your friends and work, because its such an inspiring brand and image to be associated with, which is quite influential to my life. Being a Veve Dream Girl is  incredible – Ive been able to find a family I’d never met or known, a second mother (we love you mumma Veve!), and three incredible sisters whom I absolutely adore!  And the cutest bikini’s around… Its a dream job!
What collection describes your personality best?  The Day Dream collection, by far. I’m all about the dreamy colours and sparkles.
Day Dream – glamorous, sparkly, classy
Wild at Heart – exotic, seductive and ???
Summer Daze – Girly, fun and bubbly
What do you love about Veve? I think what grabs me most is the point of difference with Veve. The patterns are flattering to any shape and size, the colours are always on trend and the little extras – such as diamonties, bows, ribbons, buttons, sparkles, glitter – everything! They drive me crazy, they’re just so cute!
How do you feel when you wear Veve? Like a V.I.P. People are always asking where they can get them!
Where do you wear you Veve’s? Anywhere near the water… My first wearing of the new 2011/2012 Collection was the Glisten Bikini at the Bellagio pool in Las Vegas – 45 Degrees outside and perfect Veve-wearing conditions! Seven girls asked me in half an hour where I’d gotten my bikinis from - They loved them!

We hope you enjoyed this great interview with Becky.

Veve x

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Veve Dream Girl Danni Johnson

We are excited to share our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Danni Johnson. She was happy to answer some questions about herself and being a Veve Dream Girl. 

How old are you? 21
Where did you grow up? Brisbane
Do you have brothers and sisters or are you an only child? I have an older sister – she's 6 years older than I am.
When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? I knew I'd be taking on the world. I wanted to be a doctor, an actress, prime minister, an architect – all at the same time! - I wanted to do as much, and be as much as I could.
As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like? Even as a little girl, I looked up to strong, determined, impressive women. My mum was always a hard worker, managing a full-time job and a full-time family. I used to sit and watch Oprah thinking she was so smart and amazing – I'd run back and give my parents a full debrief of what Oprah was saying this week about household budgets!
Who inspires you now, and why? I'm still inspired by the same strong and determined women. The kind of women who have no limits, because they put none on themselves. Women who are philanthropists, mothers, business-women, entrepreneurs, academics and just down-right gorgeous women, and who can juggle it all at the same time with a smile on their faces.
Do you have another job besides modeling? Outside of modeling, I'm undertaking a Bachelor of Accounting and I've just taken on an advanced diploma of special event planning and design.
Why and how did you get started in modeling? My first modeling gig was at age 11 for a Williams Shoes – Back to School Campaign! I always loved being in front of the camera as a kid, but went through a huge shy phase in high school, and gave modeling a rest for a few years. This will sound so cliched, but I got back into modelling after the 2009/2010 Veve Bali Campaign. I thought Amanda Klassen was so amazing and gorgeous on the beach's of Bali – I became an instant Veve devotee and have been aiming high for my modelling dreams since.
What 5 words best describe your personality? Down-to-earth (that's 1 word!), determined, loving, generous, strong.

Being a Veve Dream Girl
Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition? Dream Big! Aim Big! Becoming the Face of Veve was my ultimate dream. There's something so magical about the Veve brand, I've never felt anything like it. Veve Glamour Swimwear truly empowers women to shine and be the beautiful goddesses they are. I knew I was truly passionate about being the face of such an amazing beacon, and I wasn't going to stop until I was!
What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you? I had to pinch myself just now, reading that question. 'What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you?' First and foremost it means that there's a little voice inside me that screams “yay!”. Secondly, it makes me proud – proud of myself for how far my own determination and hard work have carried me – and it empowers me to keep on dreaming on, because it's proof that anything really is possible. Most of all, it's given me an amazing opportunity to be in touch with all of Veve Glamour Swimwear's dream girls, – it's customers – to learn about their dreams and ambitions, share on each others' journeys and hopefully be an  inspiration and help to others where I can. It'd be so lovely to think that this year's Veve Campaign has inspired the next generation of Dream Girls to aspire towards greatness, just as Amanda's campaign did for me. 
What collection describes your personality best?
Day Dream – glamorous, sparkly, classy
Wild at Heart – exotic, seductive and ???
Summer Daze – Girly, fun and bubbly
I'd love to say Wild at Heart – exotic and seductive – I think I pulled it off  behind the camera at least, but I'd have to admit that behind the scenes I'm definitely much more of a Summer Daze girl – bubbly, fun, (a little bit silly) and a whole lot of girly. In fact, Veve nailed my personality to a Tee with the 'Danni' bikini. But that's what I love about this year's collections, there's a little bit of something to represent however your inner goddess is feeling - whether it's exotic, bright or sparkly – and isn't it our prerogative as strong, sexy women to keep them guessing!?
What do you love about Veve? Veve is so much more than amazing swimwear! Veve is a culture all of it's own. A culture for strong, empowered, sexy, beautiful dream girls who believe in the power of their own ambition. That's a pretty amazing accomplishment from a swimwear label.
How do you feel when you wear Veve? Always like a stand-out! You can't NOT be happy in Veve Swimwear! Go on, try, I dare you! I've built up quite a collection over the last three years, and whenever I wear my Veve's, I know I'm shining from the inside because I FEEL beautiful. I feel confident, happy and ready to take on the world (or the beach!)
Where do you wear you Veve’s? The beach, the pool – I'm headed to the Bahamas in December and can't wait to show them off there too! I find myself looking for excuses to wear them! My birthday is coming up.. maybe I should make it a pool party..

Its been so great sharing these ladies stories, we hope you have enjoyed them as much as we have. Coming soon will be Becky Lamb's interview.

Veve x

First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Veve Dream Girl Ellie Gonsalves

 We are excited to share our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Ellie Gonsalves.
She was happy to answer some questions about herself and being a Veve Dream Girl. 

How old are you? 20 years young.

Where did you grow up? I grew up on acreage outside of Brisbane, riding horses & bikes! Its one of my favorite past times - I had a really grounding, wild childhood!

Do you have brothers and sisters or are you an only child? I have a big family, I have two younger sisters & one older brother. Family is truly one of the most important factors in my life, I am really grateful for having them by my side.

When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? Definitely NOT modeling! Ha ha! When I was a little girl, I always envisioned myself to be an actress or a singer... I was such a tomboy, so I always wanted to be in a Batman movie as a touch chick – something like a cat woman character!

As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like?
I’ve always been someone to have a very crazy, vivid imagination & I wanted to be a singer/actress. I really looked up to people like Delta Goodrem, Mandy Moore & one of my closest friends Hayley through school. Throughout my life I have realized that I need tangible people to look up to, so people I know personally who I believe have great success at what they do have been a big impact on me & my personal journey of development.

Who inspires you now, and why?
I have very many influences in my life for all different reasons. The closest people to me know I am such an in depth thinker & have role models for all areas of my life. For example, my career as an international model I look up to the women who have gone before me & achieved the things I want to achieve; I look up to names like Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington & Elle Macpherson. Health & Fitness - Anthony Robbins and again Miranda Kerr. Spirituality & Positive Mindset – Anthony Robbins, Miranda Kerr, Rhonda Byrne & Deepak Chopra. Family & Work/Life Balance – Anthony Robbins & Phillip Di Bella. These people tie into my bigger picture & give me guidance as to how to achieve my goals in all of these specific areas. I also really look up to my partner Ross, he has had a huge part in making me the person I am now – positive circle of influence is everything & he has given me such a vast education on many areas of life & succeeding in everything I set my heart to achieving.

Do you have another job besides modeling?
Ever since leaving school in 2008, I started modeling full time & landed my first international cover at 19, since then my career has grown through dedication, goal setting & belief in myself when others didn’t. When leaving school I had so many peoples opinions in my ear as to how to start my life & what they thought I should do, but at that time I had a dream & a vision (which I definitely did not have as much clarity on as I do today) as to what direction I wanted to go & who I wanted to take with me on that journey & have never looked back. It has taught me to always follow my heart & be my own person.

Why and how did you get started in modeling? At age 13, I was scouted in Brisbane City by an agency while I was shopping with my mum. I thought it was a joke at first, you wouldn’t have gotten me into a dress or makeup for a million dollars when I was that age, especially because of how tomboyish I was! After going into the agency with my mum, I received work throughout my school life (although I limited modeling jobs as the main focus was my school work). I then really started to enjoy it in my last few years of highschool once I grew into myself & enjoyed being a bit more girly.

What 5 words best describe your personality? Passionate, Creative, Positive, Loving & Inspiring.


Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition? Two years ago now I entered the first ‘Face of Veve Swimwear’ competition, with my positive outlook & confidence behind me I had a call from Vanessa, the director of Veve Swimwear, congratulating me on taking out the winning spot out of hundreds of hopefuls around Australia. Since then I have become an ambassador for Veve Swimwear & have formed such incredible relationships with very special people because of it… Again, I felt as though I had to follow my heart & enter the competition - I am so happy I did! The other 3 Veve Dream Girls - Becky, Renee & Dani are a group of girls I adore with my entire heart – Vanessa couldn’t have picked a better group of girls who get along as well as we all do! When we were on location together shooting the new collection we were always in fits of laughter at each other especially when it came to speaking to the camera. They are three girls who really shine from the inside out & make me feel the true value of friendship.

What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you? A Veve Dream Girl to me is a confident, healthy, driven, positive & passionate girl. Someone who follows their dreams with confidence & drive no matter how far away they may seem. It is about shining from the inside out for the world to see, whilst sharing your passion with the people surrounding you. I believe following your goals & dreams out loud gives others silent permission to follow their own - you don't need to TRY to inspire, your journey speaks for itself & your story naturally inspires others.

What collection describes your personality best?

Day Dream Glamorous, Sparkly & Classy: I am most definitely, without a doubt a ‘Day Dream’ girl! I love my swimwear to be something that represents my inner personality which can sometimes be difficult when you are wearing so little, but Veve has been the swimwear label that has nailed my vision of a sexy but classy bikini range that says a lot about who I am & how I feel. I like being that girl that sparkles!

What do you love about Veve? I’ve always been in search of swimwear that was completely flattering on my figure & truly made me feel special & confident every time I wear it. When you feel confident you shine from the inside out. Being an ambassador for Veve for the second year in a row now, I have been so privileged to wear all of the swimsuits that have been released & there is not one that didn’t make me feel like a princess.

How do you feel when you wear Veve? Veve makes me feel like the only girl on the beach, when you wear Veve no other swimsuit or girl wearing it can compare... All eyes are on YOU!

Where do you wear your Veves? I wear my Veves whenever & wherever I possibly can, I travel to the snow & take 10 pairs with me in the hope I can wear them in the hot tub… I have worn Veve around the world, from the heat of Las Vegas to the snow in New Zealand! There is not one place I travel without my Veves!

Coming soon will be more interviews with our stunning Dream Girls.

Veve x

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.-Harriet Tubman