Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Veve Dream Girl Becky Lamb

We are excited to be able to share with you our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Becky Lamb
She was happy to answer questions about herself and about being a Veve Dream Girl.

How old are you? 23 years young!
Where did you grow up? I was born in Newcastle, and grew up in a beachside town called Anna Bay. It’s next door to Nelson Bay, Port Stephens.
Do you have brothers and sisters or are you an only child?  I have one awesome older brother, Andrew, three years older than me. Legend!
When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? I always wanted to be the typical ‘police officer’ when I was really young, but then when I became older and started to play with Duplo & Lego, I found I really loved houses and construction. I would sit for hours on end playing with my lego friends and building them houses and making them have adventures ect. I used to cut out the architectural drawings from the front of the Newspaper every week and study the features of the house, which developed my love and appreciation for architecture and buildings. Then in high school, I discovered Design and Technology class was my favorite as I was really good with my hands and being precise with measurements and detail and I began to really love working with the materials and having my creations come to life. Later in school, I was the top Technics student in my class of all boys, excluding me and another girlfriend, and graduated in the top 5% in the state in my D&T major project in my final year. When it came time to choosing my degree to study, I couldn’t go past Construction Management – It just seemed to fit me to a tee, and here I am today! Still studying and living my dreams. Modeling was never in my sights, it was rather sprung upon me, starting with modeling competitions. Things just grew and grew and before I knew it, I was a full time University student and Model, and part-time Fire Fighter! Crazy!
As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like? I’ve never really looked up to anyone to be honest, I’ve always known what I wanted to be: a strong, independent, humble and successful yet gracious woman, which I still aim for. I’m still workin’ on my craft ;)
Who inspires you now, and why?  Anyone, anything – everything! A lot of people and things inspire me. Someone who has created something from nothing, and still has a knack to be humble and meek about themselves and to others. People who respect others for no reason, and who can face challenges with comfort and grace. Successful people with a good head on their shoulders and good attitude – These are the people who inspire me to be a better person, and to appreciate everything in life.
Do you have another job besides modeling? I am full time at University in my Final year of a Bachelor of Construction Management, and love it! Also, I am a part-time Fire Fighter with Fire and Rescue New South Wales, and have been for almost 2 years. I can quite honestly say, it IS the BEST job in the world. I love going to work, even at 2am.  Also working on a few other things at the moment, this pony has a few tricks up her sleeve! ;)

Why and how did you get started in modeling?  I started in Modeling competitions, back in 2007, thanks to my mate Jodi – She had to throw me on stage! Since then I’ve won a fair few competitions, (I think I have over 30 sashes at home,) and with most competitions, there were photoshoots won as a prize, so I obviously I tried my luck at them and can’t have done that bad I guess! The shoots lead me to agencies, which lead me to jobs, and to my website, facebook and twitter from which I get 90% of my work. So, one thing lead to another, and now I am making the best of it and really loving it. I can honestly say I’m in the best place I have ever been, and I am really enjoying it!
What 5 words best describe your personality? Determined, Loyal, Loving, Honest, Real.

Being a Veve Dream Girl
Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition?  Veve is a brand I have been familliar with and have LOVED for years; Amanda was my idol for a long time!  I entered because I didn’t last year, and always regretted it, so I thought I would have a go this year. Also, not entering last year game me time to work on myself and my image and brand to be strong enough to carry an ambassador role through the year, so I wanted to make sure I was the right candidate and knowing I was in myself, rather than ‘having a go’ and not really wanting it as badly as I did.
What does being a Veve Dream Girl mean to you? Being a Veve Dream Girl is not just about being beautiful on the outside, but having a strong mind, body and spirit to be able to show that its not just on the outside that counts, its on the inside, too. Being a part of a team such as Veve, really makes you appreciate your friends and work, because its such an inspiring brand and image to be associated with, which is quite influential to my life. Being a Veve Dream Girl is  incredible – Ive been able to find a family I’d never met or known, a second mother (we love you mumma Veve!), and three incredible sisters whom I absolutely adore!  And the cutest bikini’s around… Its a dream job!
What collection describes your personality best?  The Day Dream collection, by far. I’m all about the dreamy colours and sparkles.
Day Dream – glamorous, sparkly, classy
Wild at Heart – exotic, seductive and ???
Summer Daze – Girly, fun and bubbly
What do you love about Veve? I think what grabs me most is the point of difference with Veve. The patterns are flattering to any shape and size, the colours are always on trend and the little extras – such as diamonties, bows, ribbons, buttons, sparkles, glitter – everything! They drive me crazy, they’re just so cute!
How do you feel when you wear Veve? Like a V.I.P. People are always asking where they can get them!
Where do you wear you Veve’s? Anywhere near the water… My first wearing of the new 2011/2012 Collection was the Glisten Bikini at the Bellagio pool in Las Vegas – 45 Degrees outside and perfect Veve-wearing conditions! Seven girls asked me in half an hour where I’d gotten my bikinis from - They loved them!

We hope you enjoyed this great interview with Becky.

Veve x

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone. Audrey Hepburn

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