Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Veve Dream Girl Renee Somerfield

This week we are excited to share our exclusive interview with Dream Girl Renee Somerfield. 
She was happy to answer questions about herself and about being a Veve Dream Girl.

How old are you? 21
Where did you grow up? Sydney, NSW
Do you have brothers or sisters or are you an only child? I have one younger brother, who is 17.

When you were a little girl, what did you imagine you would be doing when you grew up? My grandmother always reminds me that when I was a little girl I would always talk about being a truck driver when I grew up! This is believable because I was such a tom boy!

As a little girl, who were the people that you looked up to or wanted to be like? I remember always watching my mother in the mornings put her makeup on! I just used to sit there, watch and admire. I remember thinking I wanted to be that glamorous!

Who inspires you now, and why? My number one inspiration at this present time has to be Miranda Kerr. Not only is she absolutely out of this world stunning, but her healthy, positive attitude is what inspires me most. I always thought she was beautiful, but it wasn’t until I read her book “Treasure Yourself” that I was truly inspired. With her positive words and affirmations, she has empowered me to follow my dreams and reach them and taught me that anything in life is possible.

Do you have another job besides modelling? Yes! I have been a corporate sales rep for nearly 3 years! I have sold everything from finance, warranties, prestige cars, corporate gym memberships, wholesale fashion & hair products! I hope to inspire young ladies that you can succeed in your professional career as well as your modelling career, it does not have to be one or the other. Oh, and models have brains too!

Why and how did you get started in modelling? I started modelling because, to be honest, I was curious! Curious to see what the industry is all about and if I could pursue it. Being younger I would always flick through magazines and think “I want to be just like her”.  I have always been so interested in the glamorous modelling world and it took me a very long time to work up the courage and book my first shoot. It isn’t as glamorous as everyone probably thinks it is though, it is extremely hard work! But, I am always HAPPY for 4.00am starts, freezing cold weather in tiny bikinis and long tiring days – because I LOVE it and it is my PASSION. I have never been happier than when I am behind the camera! And I always remember (when I am tired, exhausted or having a bad day) that what I have now was once among the things I had only hoped for!

What 5 words describes your personality? Outgoing, funny, LOVING, passionate & down to earth!

Being a Veve Dream Girl

Why did you enter the Face of Veve competition? Being the Face of Veve was my dream! I have been a huge fan of Veve for years and would wear it everywhere with passion. I couldn’t think of a label I wanted to represent more and I knew if I won the Face of Veve, everyone would see my true happiness shine behind the camera. Remember, all things are possible for those who believe – being the Face of Veve started off as one of my dreams. If I didn’t believe in my dream, I wouldn’t be a Dream Girl!

What does being a dream girl mean to you? Being a dream girl to me means being healthy, positive, confident and living with passion – and also inspiring others! Living with my 3 fellow Dream Girls for 4 days was a truly life changing experience. Not only have I made friends for life but I was also so inspired by them all! Each Dream Girl is so unique and so beautiful in their own way and they have each inspired me in different ways. Becky, Dani and Ellie were all such confident, happy, healthy, positive and driven girls! And when Vanessa says that she not only chose the “Dream Girls” on their looks, but their attitudes and positive outlook on life, she is not lying!

What collection describes you personality best? I think the Summer Daze collection describes my personality best! I am definitely girly, fun and bubbly! Bows and frills are my kind of bikini!

What do you love about Veve? I love that Veve is so distinctly unique, glamorous, sexy and stylish! Every single collection I am absolutely obsessed with and I have never, ever been more excited about a label launching every year! I own more bikini’s than I do underwear and I have never had as many compliments as I do in my Veve’s. Not only does Veve sell you swimwear, but they also believe in being healthy, positive and living life with love and passion. Being inspired while bikini shopping – what an amazing label!

How do you feel when you wear your Veve? When I wear my Veve’s not only do I feel sexy and glamorous but I truly feel confident! These bikini’s make me feel so happy and love life!

Where do you wear your Veves? Every weekend you will find me at the beach, by the pool or on our boat in my Veves! From Cronulla to Bondi, NSW’s central coast to far north Queensland, I am always by the water and in my Veve’s! Nothing makes me happier than sun, salt, sand and offcourse my Veve Glamour Swimwear.

We would like to share with you some photos of Renee when she was younger.

Coming soon will be more interviews with our stunning Dream Girls.

Veve x

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